Shelby Jaquez

About Me

My biggest motivation is the love I have for creating. Ever since I was a child, drawing people has been something I seemed to enjoy. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I really started to see my potential as an artist. I went to college after high school and not long into it, I found that I wasn’t progressing in my life. The only progression I found was through my art. People started to look up to me and enjoy the work I put out. It was around this time that my friend and I started to curate art shows. We didn’t think too much into it and just did it, brought together some really interesting artists from the area, and brought a great crowd to enjoy the art. The exhibitions my friends and I throw now are bigger than I ever could have imagined back at 19 years old. Since then I’ve kept my student mentality and always challenged myself to get better at my craft. It’s to the point that I don’t feel like myself if I am not working on a painting or planning an art exhibition. Being able to paint all day, put together amazing art shows, and make an impact on people's lives is a successful life for me.

Artist Statement

One of my biggest inspirations is music. Music has awakened something inside me. Musicians like Jimi Hendrix inspired me to strive to be the best I can be. What keeps me going is the constant obstacle I overcome in each painting. Each painting is like climbing a mountain, there are many ways to approach it, and each option is difficult. You keep pushing through and eventually, you get to the top of the mountain and feel that rush of satisfaction.



Curatorial Experience


 “The Art Groove III”; Bowery Art Room, New York, NY 


 “The Art Groove II”; Clockwork Cros Gallery, New York, NY

 “The Art Groove I”; Clockwork Cros Gallery, New York, NY


 “1200 Wall St Office Show”; Office Space, Lyndhurst, NJ

“Toxic Waste”; Office Space, Passaic, NJ

“Studio 408”; Office Space, Montclair, NJ

“The Get Down”; Studio Gallery, Paterson, NJ

Group Exhibitions 


Artist Showcase - "Open" Curated by Rilly Ril; Stoodio One Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Group Exhibition - "Let Me Be Great" Curated by Oriel Ceballos; The Unspace Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Group Exhibition - “Art and Prozak” Curated by Joey Palestina; Studio Gallery, Newark, NJ



Kali Uchis Oil Painting - Timothy Luke; Los Angeles, CA

Mikeala Hoover Oil Painting - Mikeala Hoover; Los Angeles, CA

Brittany Furlan Oil Painting - Mikeala Hoover; Los Angeles, CA


Brittany Furlan Oil Painting - Mikeala Hoover; Los Angeles, CA